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  "Let the politicians put the borders up--

   but we the people must take down the

   borders of our hearts so that we can be

   together."   --Mamady Keita

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This is what I have learned from my teachers and seek to share with others.

The djembe speaks.

The djembe has a language. It speaks about the world around us and interprets life. Mamady Keita says, "The djembe has no  borders...if we all thought like the djembe, we would not have so much trouble in the world.”


The djembe gathers.

The djembe sees with the heart. Mamady says culture is to share. The djembe does not exclude any race, nationality, gender, sexual preference or age. We are nourished with a sense of belonging to the whole human family.


The djembe teaches.

The djembe is a messenger. It is a guide and tool to express our experience  and awaken us to ourselves in embodied spiritual connection. The djembe carries ancestral wisdom in the lineage of traditional rhythms.


The djembe heals.

The djembe opens our bodies, minds and souls. It creates a sacred circle for reflection and vibrational  balancing. Crossing borders, cultures, and continents it invites us to seek self-awareness, comunification and global transformation.


The djembe inspires gratitude.

To the Motherland of Africa, where the first human was born; 

To our teachers, cultural ambassadors, the keepers of the tradition: in reciprocity, we give back to Her people to show appreciation for the gift of the drum to the global community.

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"The djembe is a planetary instrument." --Mamady Keita

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"The Creator wants us to drum. We have corrupted the world with power and greed....which hasn't gotten us anywhere - now's the time to corrupt the world with drum, dance and chants." --Babatunde Olatunji

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