An important part of Drumananda’s mission is giving back


In the Human Suffering index created by the Population Crisis Committee, the world living conditions in the 27 countries with the most extreme human suffering, 20 are found in Africa. In many African countries, people live on less than $1 a day, lack access to clean water, basic nutrition, health care or education.


Drumananda believes in cultivating ways to actively unite and link the human family.  In response to this suffering and in gratitude for the joy and beauty of African music and culture we have been given, we seek to build international bridges in the small ways we can. This reciprocity is also an hommage to our African teachers who have worked tirelessly as cultural ambassadors by leaving their homeland to share and preserve this music all over the world.


That is why it is an important part of Drumananda’s mission to invite our students to not only learn cultural appreciation for this music, but to honor the importance of our global connections, share resources and see the possibilities of human transformation when we share together.  Drumananda hosts fund-raising projects and tithes a portion of its income to projects helping to ease the suffering and poverty of Mother Africa.  These are three of the organizations we have chosen to support:

Shifting Ideas Through Education for African Women, Inc.

SITEAW seeks to change the cultural and socio-economic structures that impede girls/women’s lives by empowering them through education. Many of the young women are trafficked to other countries to work as slaves and often killed, undergo genital mutilation through tribal rituals or subject to abuse in other forms. Education is a treasure that cannot be stolen from them and gives them the tools to become leaders to help makes the changes necessary to raise the status of other women and work with men to make the cultural changes toward more equality. To date, SITEAW has empowered 545 girls to find their voice.

Bolokada and Friends Village Project

A project in rural Morowayah, Guinea that is currently working to create a medical clinic. In the past this 5013c organization has worked on well building, roads, bridges, school, mills, and provided money for education scholarships and small grants for business start-ups. This small village is the home of Moussa Bolokada Conde, one of the world’s greatest djembefolas.

 Benkadi Project

A project in the Sangbaralla region of Guinea that has built a school, youth center, wells, and created innovative solar lighting and clean water Bio Sand water filters that can provide clean water for a family of 10 for 10 years. They have also purchased garden and medical supplies, livestock and bicycles.  This is the village of the one of the world’s most reknown djembefolas, Famoudou Konate. 

If you feel so inspired to make a contribution to any of these projects, know that small amounts will benefit them 

greatly as there is little to no overhead, so money goes more directly to the project expenses.

One easy way to donate is to choose one of these organizations as your facebook birthday fundraiser.

Workshops and Retreats by

Master Artists

Drumananda has built an international network of drum contacts. For decades we have been organizing and hosting area opportunities for study with national and international drum artists, helping them to share their knowledge and message with a broader audience and helping you to experience their cultural virtuosity.

Wula Drum

In addition to being one of the few Midwestern vendors to sell Wula Drums, Drumananda has partnered with projects and events with Michael Markus, CEO of Wula Drum, for decades.  We love this new endeavor, “The Reforestation Project”, replacing the trees used for drum carving. When you purchase a Wula drum from us, a portion of your dollars go toward helping the forests regrow. Read more about the reforestation:

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