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What People Say About Us

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"It is a pleasure to partner with Drumananda! They are able to bring the sounds of Africa to life through their drumming. Drumananda is truly an asset to the community and I look forward to partnering with them in the future!" --Latorya Greene, South Bend Chapter, Indiana Black Expo

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"i’ve never drummed like this before. It’s been healing on all levels. It exceeded any expectations I could ever imagine. It was amazing how quickly the weeks flew and how much we all learned together. Jacquee's classes are really special. They had a deep meaning for me. I felt my soul was tapped into.  And the drumming just came."--C.I., Drumananda student

"I had been doing drum circles for a while and my goal was to get better at playing with others. This class made it remarkably more meaningful and my drumming improved significantly. Jacquee has a  way of working well with all different levels in the class. It is really inspiring to watch her transform us all into these courageous empowered drummers. I met so many wonderful people too!"-- K.F., Drumananda student

"It was my first time playing an instrument and it was such a safe environment to explore and get to know myself on a new level; It was really powerful.  Jacquee has a very unique way of making people feel like they belong, even when in their hearts they are afraid of trying something new."

--B.W., Drumananda student


This program was wonderfully emotionally and spiritually uplifting! This rhythm helped open hearts and minds, and refreshed our spirits.”​​-- South Bend, IN chapter, NAACP


“Uplifting, motivating, joyful . . .  exceeded expectations!”--Intercultural Living Community Program, Saint Mary’s College


“This percussion program is fun!  It is multi-age and skill inclusive. . . builds confidence, promotes teamwork, and puts everyone on equal footing. . . and truly doesn’t everyone secretly long to be a drummer?” 

--St.Joseph County Library, North Liberty, IN

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