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Drumananda & Wula Drum, 
NYC present: Djembe Fever!
Midwest Tour  
Don't miss this rare opportunity to play and learn with master Wula artist M'memba Bangoura from Conakry, Guinea, West Africa, and Michael Markus, artistic director and CEO, Wula Drum, New York City. Join us and expand your cultural horizons. No experience necessary. A yearly spring/summer event.
                                  More tour info at: 
 Jacquee Dickey, Drumananda founder
 Winter Hiatus. Classes resume in early spring. Check back for more info.
    Southside Christian Church
    1329 E. Jackson
    South Bend, IN
    5:30-6:30 p.m., “Awakening the Soul: Sound 
                                       Healing from the Ancients”
     Learning elemental djembe skills, you will develop
     subtle energy awareness of vibrational healing with                       ancient meditational drumming patterns to more deeply
     synchronize and integrate your connection with the  
     Divine.   $90

     7:00-8:30 p.m., “Will the Circle Be Unbroken:            
                                        Playing World Rhythms from the  
                                        African Diaspora”
     Ever wonder what to play in a drum circle? This class will   
     give you skills to expand your repertoire for self expression 
     when you play with others. We will learn djembe technique 
     to give you the most melodic sound from your drum and
     learn what polyphonic rhythms are and how to put them
     together.  Dun un parts taught for more advanced students.
     Concert ready the last night of class! $90

     FEES:  Djembe rental: $10 (Drumananda also sells                         djembes if you decide to purchase one you will 
     receive a discount for taking the class)
     $90 for each 6 week session. Both classes $150
     Classes are designed for all levels.

     Register by phone or email:
     [email protected]