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Drumananda means Drum Bliss 

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“At this critical time in history, we are awakening to a deep need for global healing. The wisdom of indigenous Africa is being called on to provide tools to enable us to move into a more peaceful and empowered way of being, both within ourselves, and within our communities. Africa is the birthplace of humanity, and the indigenous spirit in each of us is calling for cleansing and reconciliation." –  Malidoma Some, African Dagara elder

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"Jacquee is someone in whose heart
ancient Africa speaks."

"Anke Dje, Anke Be", the Bambara word for the djembe drum       

means "We gather together to drum for peace"


Drum*ananda, uses a Sanskrit word which means “joy, bliss, rejoice”.  So when we sit at the feet of the drum's indigenous wisdom we seek to remove division and acknowledge our global connection, celebrate our common humanity, and rejoice in unity in the name of peace.


Based out of South Bend, Indiana, Drumananda is dedicated to promoting the importance of intercultural understanding, community building and creative self exploration through joyful drumming experiences.  Drumananda was founded by Jacquee Dickey, M.A., M.Div., a former social worker, pastoral minister and world percussionist. 


Though the djembe is used to play music of various styles and genres in modernity, the secrets to unlocking the depth of this instrument lie in studying the knowledge passed on from the keepers of the djembe tradition. For over 30 years, Jacquee has played and studied djembe with traditional African teachers and those they have trained who carry the lineage of their ancestors. She is likewise committed to helping to preserve and transmit the musical form of the Mande people who created this ancient instrument. Eight hundred years later, it serves around the world as a tool to promote understanding, equality and international peace. 



Drumananda Mission


What the djembe teaches about intercultural community and inner growth



and FAQ

The science of how drumming can improve your health plus 

all your drummy questions answered





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Widening the Circle:  Gratitude, reciprocity and the interdependence of drumming 




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